Please retain the original packaging of the product. The packaging may be required for use safe transportation to the service centre.
Service & support



      Support  Contact  Information

Please feel free to contact our customer support department directly by sending them an email at:



        One of our support department representatives will contact you back within 24 hours. If possible, please make sure the email you send includes the following information, if applicable:


      1. Model number of item
2. Date Purchased
3. Place Purchased

      4. Serial number of item
5. Any questions and or concerns you may have about the item
6. Contact Information: Name and Phone number


     We also provide local contact numbers for you convenience.


     Hotline (Between 10:00AM TO 17:00PM Australian Eastern Standard Time)

     NSW:  02-8730 8405
VIC:   03-8683 8033
QLD:  07-56