About Us



   PRO WES (AUST) Pty Ltd (ABN: 89 137 741 907 )is one of the most trusted and recognized brands in consumer technology, and is headquartered in Sydney Australia. Based on the belief that everyone is entitled to the latest technology, PRO WES is redefining high definition by finding a better way and making it for everyone. PRO WES offers a broad range of the latest technology in affordable home electronic products including SunView LCD TVs, digital HD Set-Top Boxes etc.   


      PRO WES overseas factory has built its reputation by providing excellent product quality, reliability and value pricing. The SunView brand represents vitality, simplicity and building connections - these three elements serve as the key inspiration and guiding principles for the brand is product design and communication. All SunView products are specially inspired by Australian consumer insights and are designed to fit any lifestyle. Our products offer thoughtful, user-friendly features and the latest functionality at an affordable price.


      PRO WES is excellent sales and support staff, and excellent product quality, has allowed many customers to enjoy our products all the country. PRO WES  customer support center provides fast and convenient after-sales service to all our customers.


     PRO WES is continuously refining and innovating products to ensure it continues to be a premier provider of home electronics that meet and exceeds the consumer demands in this constantly changing market. We will ensure our stakeholder values are encouraged and our energy harnessed to deliver a level of service and support that is regarded and admired by all who transact with us.


     We would like to thank you in advance for viewing our website and supporting the PRO WES product line. PRO WES encourages you to visit our website often to learn about our latest product additions. We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you.